Saturday, November 15, 2008

Im lovin` it...

Love, what shall you define it with?…
Love, love, love. Dont you all realize the fakeness of love? It is actually not the greatest love of all. What if we change the words “all” in the phrase “the greatest love of all” to “ALLAH”. That will definitely a beautiful phrase ever. So true and so fair that will make us drawn away. I dont know about you or anyone else but I am really fall for it. Let us love Allah.
Before I end this latest post, I would like to add my other love here. I would like to state here that Im loving you people. Especially the love to my family. I will be home soon and will spend the quality time with them. Other than that the love to human being mostly mukminin. You are my friends and my love too.

The emptiness inside us...

Salam day and night…Tonight, I can really feel the emptiness inside me. Do you ever feel the same thing? When you just does not know what you are going to do. How you are going to handle the stress inside you or when you can really get rid of this emptiness.In my opinion, it is normal for us to deals with those matters. Since we are just an ordinary human being, we cannot avoid of having some sort of pressure due to what we are having everyday. We can get stress when we are dealing with people, there are people who are ‘loudspeaker’ or people who are too silent. ‘Loudspeaker’ here does not means that the person is shouting when he speaks to us. But what I really wanted to define here is that the people do not watch carefully over what he or she is saying. How they are being impolite to us just by using harsh words. Or else, there are matters in life that makes us messed up or bored. For an example, as a student we have to sit for examination or we are having a lot of assignments given by the lecturer. While in the future, we are going to be an employee to any organisation. InsyaAllah I am going to be a teacher in the future. Do you know how excited I am to teach our new generation about science? Even it is just in a primary school I hope I can deliver my knowledge to the children. They are pure and innocent too.So you are the one who should find the right way to avoid pressure inside us. God does not change the fate of people but the people themselves must change their fate. Work it out. Life is really a journey of soul anyway. I will include some info here which I just translate them into English. I got it from the link below; I can conclude about this link is we are the Khaleef(khalifah) in this broad earth. I am also still finding the guidance from the almighty Allah. We can really feel gratitude for what Allah has given to us. The environment surrounding us (alam) is the sign of the almighty Allah. Allah will give the guidance (hidayah) for those who find it by themselves. Things would not roll down to you or me that easy, we have to work harder to obtain it.If you read through the article, there got many types of guidance. I am also does not know really well about those matter. I am just an ordinary person who still lack of knowledge.Last but not least, let us find the truth. Even it is hard for us to achieve it, we have to fight over it. Keep on fighting. I dont mean that you have to fight over each other. That is worst. What I mean here is we should keep fighting the passion(nafs) inside us. So we can really be a stronger person. “You are what you think”.=)hafizatan(=

It is morning again...

Good morning…I am wishing that because it is so-morning right now. 6.46 am, so fresh and cool. I woke up earlier today and I dont know why I am not having a quality sleeps since those days. Anyway, it is not a problem for me, I still have slept a lot already.
Dawn is the beginning of the day, the Subuh is so special. When I got the chance to surf the net, quickly I check for the goodness of Subuh period. Everyone including me would have a big problem to wakes earlier since we are having a nice comforter on the bed with pillows that make us drawn up by the sleep.
Well I would like to share some info on why do me and you or whoever person feels hard to wakes earlier in the morning. To my surprise, Isya` prayer and Subuh prayer are the most ‘heavy’ solat for munafiq. Munafiq here means the persons who are just pretending that they are having true faith to Allah. Indeed Allah can trace easily on persons who are true. I am just giving the definition on my own anyway. Please fix my mistake if my statement is wrong. Subuh prayer is just contains of 2 raka`at, the most less raka`at of all 5 prayers. So Allah would test the persons who are having true faith to Him just by the Subuh prayer.
The other thing to come to my surprise is there are devil(syaitan) who works to enchain people in the dawn so that we are late to perform the prayer. There got three layer of chain. The devil would whisper, come enjoy the long night. The first layer of chain would be released when a person wakes up, the second one would be released when the person having wudhu` and the third one would be released when the person perform Subuh prayer. It is shocking me indeed. Now I realized the reason of my laziness. Well, we dont see them but they sees us.
I will include the URL for the site that I visited. Easily, type down for further information. Chill out!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Am I having my own blog at last?


Well I am not considering my self as a blogger because I have never dreamt of it anyway. I found that there are lots of bloggers out there in the net and they are having their talent on it. Yes they can really express themselves on the correct path-the blog.

Since those peeps are writing lots and lots of something beneficial, I was excited to acquire the honour of a true blogger. I have knew some of them and I think it is my turn. No, not to have the honour of being a blogger (what for?) but a pleasure for me, myself and I. It is just for my own satisfaction. So what do you guys think of it? You can comment me on the space provided anyway. I am glad to have people response about me or my blog. So just suit yourself, you are free to do what you really wants.

I have heard a song that stated the lyrics, “to know me is to love me”. Dont get it wrong, I am not asking love from anyone of you. Still, I have already got my love with persons in my life and the greatest love of all is Allah s.w.t. I have just wake up from my fake life I guess. This life is so temporary and empty, what should you fill it with? You should find the answer within yourself. Dont always ask people to help you. It is not really good to ask too much. Do you agree with me? So sorry if I am being too annoying.

Ok, I am going to share with you the things and the events of my life. Surely it will take time for me since I am not an active person dealing with the net. I will improve on my words and my frequency of surfing the net, you guess what? My room does not really have a good coverage of the wireless internet.

I noticed that there are friends who ask me what did I found? What really happens to me. The answer is just simple, I was in the ward around 19-20th October 2008. That sounds pity and I was so pathetic. Lucky for me to further the journey of my life, it is not as easy as I thought. Life is a journey, an adventure, and a place to find happiness. The definition of happiness is different. Some people want it all and some just want nothing at all. Everything means nothing if I ain`t got my family, friends and religion in life.

Thing happens for reason, there is ‘hikmah’ over what we are having. Sickness, illness or pain was given to you to test your capacity. Please correct my words if I am wrong. The journey of my life has just started since I am only an ordinary 20 years old man. I am a trainee in a teaching institute and will be a graduate teacher in 2011, three years to go. I am loving my life and my future occupation.

I have reached the limit of today`s post I guess. I will keep writing and sharing information with you all. I am learning such a new dimention of space for me that is blogging. Please forgive me if there is blame in this composition. Till then, have a nice day and night.